Tales from the Single Sock Bucket

My washing machine has a severe case of sock stealing!  Somehow the socks go in the washing machine in pairs and come out alone!  Months and days go by and the partner never appears.  I am beginning to think there is a secret tunnel leading to extra fun adventures too tempting for many and they never return.  Some day I feel they might magically appear once again, so I save them in my trusty single sock bucket.  I never lose hope!


Yesterday, we finally decided to say goodbye to five single sock friends who decided to take a new mission and be a part of our new MAD LIB created story…”Tulip and Bean Sock“.

First, I will introduce you to the amazing sock ensemble for this witty and and ever-unfolding tale and then I will share our very own MadLib story we created together.  Here they are now!  Meet…Twiddles the dog, Ralph the scientist, Tulip the candy shop owner, Geraldina the Olympic race horse and Bubbles the bean sock.  They all live together in a small village and are brought together one day in the most unexpected way.



We began to create our very own MAD LIB with the help of Mad Libs…one of our favorite car ride activities!  Here are the steps we began with:


  1. Start by thinking of a story and writing it down.
  2. Use a highlighter to mark the words you think might be fun for someone else to replace.  
  3. For each word that is highlighted, talk about what part of speech it is and write it above the word.  Is it a noun, adjective, adverb or even a body part.
  4. Once that is complete rewrite your story with those words missing and replace them with a blank line and the part of speech needed.  
  5. Print it out and have someone fill in the blanks.  
  6. When complete you can read the “new story” aloud or even act it out with puppets that you have or other toys at home!  
  7. See where your creative juices take you!  
  8. Have FUN!

HERE IS OUR MAD LIB!  The story is TO BE CONTINUED…perhaps you want to write the ending and send it to me with the parts of speech for me to fill in!


      In a land with ____________________[adjective], bumpy roads and _______________[adjective] meadows, there was a village with all kinds of _______________[plural noun].  The people there loved to ______________ [verb] and ______________ [verb] all day.  Sometimes a ____________[adjective] scientist in the town would cast _________________[adjective] spells and get into all kinds of mischief.  

One day Ralph the scientist concocted a ___________________[adjective] potion.  He poured it slowly on top of some jelly and suddenly it turned into a __________________________ [adjective] pile of beans. He then went to the market and traded them for a ______________________________[noun].  Ralph was excited  and ________________[verb] all the way home.  Twiddles who received the beans was also feeling _____________________[adjective] and yelled, _______________________[exclamation] as he reach his home at the end of the path.  Geraldina galloped up to him and looked ____________________[adverb] at the beans.  Together they decided to plant the ________________________[adjective] beans in his ________________________[adjective], ___________________[color] garden. _____________________ [number] days later a ________________________[adjective] little bean sock began to sprout up ______________________[adverb].  His friend, Tulip the _____________________[adjective] candy shop owner came over to examine the sight and sprinkled it with ____________________[a spice] to ensure it was not a jelly bean.  She passed out at the sight of the bean sock and almost hit her head on the ________________________[tool in the garden].  Twiddles popped a piece of ____________________[type of candy] in her mouth and she awoke _____________[adjective].  This bean sock was not like anything they had ever laid their _______________________[body part plural] on.  The bean sock had _______________[adjective] hair and a ____________________[adjective] smile.  She even _________________[past tense verb] when she giggled.  The trio decided to call the bean sock Bubbles and she immediately became a special member of their village.  She helped them understand what ______________________ [emotion] really means and how to help people _______________[verb]. She was extra special because she could _____________________[special talent].  The village was ________________[adjective] and did not see what _______________[adjective] event was about to happen.  



We will post our video of our MadLib performance on the blog.  Stay tuned!  Should be witty and a little ___________________[adjective]!  He, He!  Please share your stories too!  Exchange them with a friend via email and then read them back to one another in a Zoom room!  Remember to try to keep your sock buddies close on their next field trip to Clean Town!  If one gets lost, create a sock puppet to keep his or her story alive!

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