YAY! Saturday! Let’s Deck the Halls!


Today find a deck of cards around your house!  Experiment with what you can build with a deck of cards.  Can you build a tower?  How tall can you make it?  How wide?  Try to make different shapes as you build.  Squares, rectangles and even triangles!  Which shape do you think would be the strongest?



Test your build and place a couple of objects on top and see how strong your build is.  Can it hold a small object like a chess piece or a toy car?  Can it hold block or a book? If it falls try a new way of building.  I will give you a clue…one shape works better than another.


Read about bridges and learn why they build them as they do.  You can make a bridge of your own wth popsicle stick or cardboard and even pasta or Legos.  Be creative and see where your design takes you.  I always advise making a blue print first of your design so you have a guide along the way.  Here is a build completed by some of my students and look at how many books their bridge was able to hold! I think it even held more than pictured! Wow! If you build your own, you might need to let it dry and test the bridge the following day! We even drove a robot over our bridge!




Here are some wonderful books about bridges and you could also watch the recent Lego Master Show and their challenge on building bridges.  Audible also has many books for free right now.

Here to There, Me and You by Cheryl Keely

Pop’s Bridge by Eve Bunting

21 Elephants by April Prince

The Bridge Home – Audiobook

13 Bridges Children Should Know by Brad Finger

Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty



Then, create two cities with your family or allow your bridge to connect two worlds.  You can simply draw them on a piece of paper and tape them if the city grows.  Add any object from home such as a lego car or toy dog.  Make these worlds a mystical place to travel and tell why you would want to go there.  I would love to connect Kindness Kingdom to Grumpy Groundworks and help turn frowns upside down!

If you send your city and bridge pictures to me, I will post them!


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