Do you see what I see?


Shadows…how I love how they follow you about and lurk in the most unexpected places. In the next couple of days, explore shadows about your home and outside.  See if you can catch one, stomp on one or even chase one!

Remember to always, “Capture a shadow, dance with the wind, stand in a rainbow, begin at the end.”  –Mary Anne Radmacher. Let the adventure begin!


Snow is falling in Denver today so Mr. Sun might not be out as much today but these activities can still be done with flashlights and natural window light.  Begin by gathering some white paper, cardboard, tape and found objects.  These can be Marvel characters, cars and more.  Set up a shadow stage and let the stories begin.  If you do not have paper, use a sheet over some chairs!


To make a small stage use cardboard, blocks or books to create the side of the stage.  Tape white paper across (see image above for inspiration) and ensure it is stable.  Place a light behind the stage and have your audience on the other side.  Let your stories begin.  Change places with your audience and let them try.

For story ideas you can read these wonderful books about shadows:

SMOOT a Rebellious Shadow by Michelle Cuevas

Who’s Shadow is This? By Claire Berge

Papa’s Lucky Shadow by Niki Daly

Shadow by Marcia Brown

On a Dark, Dark Night by Jennifer Morris

The Queen’s Shadow by Cybele Young


If you have a ruler at home you can try to measure your shadow at different times of the day.  If you cannot go outside find something at home to measure by a sunny window.  You can mark the distances with any little object such as a penny, block or small toy.  See how they objects move.  Does your shadow get bigger or smaller by the hour?


Go outside and see if you can make snow shadows.  Do they look different than other shadows?  Are they wider?  Lighter? Are they a different color?


Place a toy by a window and try to trace it’s shadow on a piece of paper.  Does your toy become larger or smaller?  Wider or longer?  Why do you think this happens?

Make a sundial (save it for after the snow fall today if needed) and place it outside with the 12 facing north.  You can find a compass on an app on a phone if you do not have a compass handy at home.  It is fun to see how the sun works just like a clock!  All you need is a paper plate or cardboard, an unused pencil and some markers.  If you have any of the play dough from the lesson before you can use this in the center of the dial to stabilize your pencil on a windy day.  Be creative and make your dial into a moon and have planets and aliens be the numbers or make it a flower and each petal is a number.


If the artist is alive in you, make a sock puppet and tell a story tonight by flashlight on the wall of your room or living room.  Write a story about your sock puppet.  Make sure to give your puppet a unique name it, give it a superpower and a challenge it faces everyday.  Tell how your puppet overcomes his or her challenge and how he spreads a special message to the world.  Please stay tuned for my story coming to you soon!


Lastly, start a quote wall with your family and leave this message up somewhere like a shadow that reminds them of something special to carry with them for the day.  You can have someone put one up each day!  We use a dry-erase board!  Be creative and think of a fun way to display your quote.  You could even make a frame and change it daily.  Here is our inspiration for today:


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