Be Someone’s Rainbow Today!  

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Hope you are wearing green and have a gleam in your eye!  Get ready for some fun STEAM activities that are messy and full of predictions and investigations!  Start the day with getting all supplies prepped for the adventure.  I hope the scavenger hunt yesterday helped you place everything nearby!  

Let’s begin with that rainbow to brighten someone’s day!  You will need seven cups…preferably clear.  Then, fill everyone other cup with primary colored food coloring and warm water starting with red.  In the first cup put red, third cup yellow, fifth cup place blue and the seventh cup put red again.  Then fold your paper towel in thirds or fifth depending on their size and place one half in each of the cups with color and arch them into the empty cup between them. (see pictures below).  Continue until you reach the end.  Watch your rainbow grow bigger and brighter hourly to light up your day!  It’s magical!  Perhaps you will even discover a pot of gold in the end!

Speaking of gold…let’s make fool’s gold.  Hopefully you found some “not so shiny pennies” hanging around that need a good bath.  Let’s experiment on what really make a penny shine.  Predict what you think might work best.  If you only have two of the listed tests, predict an either/or and if you have all of them, test each way!  Try to even find another way to make a penny shine.  Maybe mustard? 

Try these methods:

  • 1/4 Cup white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt in a non metal bowl = shiny penny
  • Ketshup and little massage = shiny penny?
  • Coca-cola soak = shiny penny?

After the fool’s gold is ready prepare to tempt a leprechaun by hiding them in magic green quick sand…OOBLECK!  Drop all your pennies in and see if you can find them all hidden deep below.  Can you discover the trick to finding them?  


2 parts cornstarch

1 part water

Green food coloring

Place water in a bowl.  Slowly mix in cornstarch.  When all is mixed well, stir in food coloring. 

(We placed in 17 pennies (for the 17th of March plus 1 golden Sacajawea)

Try to be a very curious leprechaun and dig out all the gold.  Be careful not to get stuck in the bowl.  You can also read the story “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss.  What a fun adventure and you might even turn a bit green yourself along the way!  

If that isn’t enough of an adventure, make another rainbow either with the help of mother nature or with the help of someone using a hair dryer.  Place crayons on a piece of cardboard in this order:  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and add more if your rainbow in your mind appears a bit different.  Make sure to peel off the wrapper before placing them outside or using the hair dryer.  *Hairdryers will work best or you can try on tinfoil in the oven as well if the weather is not warm enough!  When it is all melted a rainbow will appear and then add some paper towel clouds while the wax is sticky.  After  it is dry, write a special note on it and deliver your rainbow to someone in your neighborhood who might need a smile today.  Remember messages from afar are okay and needed!  

For a fun outside activity, try potato bowling.  Find cans, paper towel rolls or blocks and try to knock them down with a potato.  Do potatoes roll differently than a ball?  Why?  Is it the shape?  Is it the bumps?  Talk with someone about why you think it changes the accuracy of the roll.  

If you have building in mind, try to build your very own “fumblin’ leprechaun trap” with a big tube or box.  Poke holes and poke sticks, straws, or even chopsticks through the holes.  Draw leprechauns on cardboard and place them at the top under a rainbow.  Slowly take turns pulling the sticks and try to see who makes a a leprechaun fumble down into the meadow below.  You can shout, “ohhh thar she blows!” as the leprechaun fumbles down!  Use the image below of the fun game Tumblin’ Monkeys as your guide and inspiration.  Get creative and share your pictures!


Lastly, design your very own catapult to launch your found gold (pennies) over a rainbow!  Draw a paper rainbow and stand it up with some cardboard supports.  See how many coins you can launch over a rainbow (you could draw one on a tissue box as well) and for more fun see how many you can get in the pot on the other side.  For a math challenges launch all the change you can find. Count all the coins that land in the pot each time and see the different amounts of cents you get catch with the luck of the Irish each time.  You might have the luck of the Irish and hit 100 cents exactly!  



Keep this Irish saying close today:

“May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.”

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