It’s Monday…time to be AWESOME!

The week begins and I know the unknowns make it hard to think ahead so I will post fun activities to do here and there that will bring joy and a wee bit of adventure.  Expand on any of these in anyway you and your child can think of and share them with me.  I love learning new ways to explore ideas each day!

You can see from the online posts that are circulating so many individuals are rising up and sharing their passions with others and giving their time to help us fill the days with wonder.  One special activity today is Jarrett J. Krosoczka who will be giving an online art class.  He is a well-known graphic novelist.  He has illustrated many books your children might know such as Jedi Academy and Hey, Kidd .  Students will not need anything fancy just a paper and pencil and perhaps watercolor if available.  The lesson will begin at 2 pm ET and 12 PM mountain time.  He will also show games you can all play together.  I can’t wait to begin!  You can find the link at:

Second, venture outside today and try to find 2-3 rocks you love and create characters for a story.  You can decorate them with marker, paper paint and any found objects. If you do not have rocks around use paper or even a potato!  Then, write a story about these rocks and an adventure they are about to embark on.  Share their stories with me to post! You can extend the books by reading the rock book series by Linda Kranz beginning with “Only One You.”

Lastly, here are some items to collect around the house that you will need tomorrow for some STEAM activities for Saint Patrick’s Day.  I will post the lessons tonight (so parents can prepare ahead). Get ready for some magical fun with a few tricky twists.  Make this a scavenger hunt and check them off as you go!  The fun is always in the hunt!

  1. empty rectangular box/tissue box
  2. sticks, skewers or popsicle sticks/recycled cardboard from a box
  3. six pieces of paper towel/empty paper towel roll
  4. food coloring/markers
  5. plastic cups/glass clear cups
  6. white paper
  7. potato or ball
  8. cornstarch
  9. Pennies
  10. old crayons in red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple, white and a square piece of cardboard
  11. metal straw or plastic straw
  12. clothespin or plastic spoon
  13. hair dryer
  14. smile

Happy Monday everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine upon us!








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